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Vampire Zombie Magical Girl Ghost Super Power Superhero Parasite Virtual Reality Action Martial Arts Ninja Gunfights Battle Royale Swordplay Samurai Space Battles Angst Blackmail Science Fiction Alien Humanoid Alien Human Enhancement Cyborg Genetic Modification Time Travel Mecha Robot Android Transforming Craft Piloted Robot Super Robot Robot Helper Power Suit Space Travel Cyberpunk Steampunk Space Opera Fantasy Mermaid Elf Magic Angel Dragon Deity Demon High Fantasy Contemporary Fantasy Dark Fantasy Adventure Horror Thriller Comedy Absurdist Humour Super Deformed Slapstick Violent Retribution For Accidental Infringement Breaking The Fourth Wall Parody Satire Henshin Ecchi Anthropomorphism Romance Slow When It Comes To Love Shoujo Ai Shounen Ai Sudden Girlfriend Appearance Unrequited Love Love Polygon Harem Drama Detective Psychological Dementia Supernatural Mystery Anime Influenced


Present Alternative Present Past Alternative Past Historical Heian Period Victorian Period Sengoku Period Tokugawa Period World War II Bakumatsu Meiji Period Three Kingdoms Future Space Other Planet Mars Shipboard Fantasy World Floating Island Desert Earth Europe Russia France United Kingdom Italy Germany Americas United States New York Middle East Asia Japan Tokyo Kyoto Korea China Africa Island Countryside Parallel Universe Summer Isekai


Cooking Netorare Friendship Proxy Battles Slice of Life Working Life Slavery Politics School Life Middle School Elementary School All Girls School High School Delinquent University School Clubs Student Government Anti War Crime Pirate Bounty Hunter Assassin Mafia Thievery Disaster Post Apocalypse War Epidemic Religion Buddhism Revenge Conspiracy Sports Cycling Combat Wrestling Boxing Tennis Volleyball Motorsport Street Racing Formula Racing Drifting Basketball Baseball Card Games Soccer The Arts Performance Music Musical Band Idol Law And Order Cops Special Squads Shinsengumi Coming Of Age Parental Abandonment Rotten World Dystopia Military Air Force Feudal Warfare Navy Gender Bender Family

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Kids Shoujo Shounen Seinen Josei
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